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IMPORTANT NOTICE : -Home use tests are a useful element in your proactive healthcare regime but are not intended to replace a consultation with your General Practitioner or other suitably qualified healthcare provider. Nothing contained on this web site should be construed nor is intended to be used for medical diagnosis, advice or treatment If you have any concerns regarding your health always consult your Doctor.

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All our kits are fully CE marked plus we offer a complete no quibble guarantee.

We despatch daily in plain unmarked packaging. Orders received before 5.00 PM are dispatched same day for next day delivery.

Our range of high quality home test kits are convenient and very easy to use. Full instructions are included with each home test kit.

Our best selling cholesterol test kit will enable you to check your overall cholesterol level essential for good heart health.

Our diabetes test measures your blood sugar levels - vital if you are concerned about type 2 diabetes.

Our new Gluten Intolerance test helps you discover if you are one the 1% of the UK population who have an allergy to gluten found in wheat, rye & barley. Our PSA test is a useful screening test for men in middle age as an elevated PSA level can be a warning sign for several disorders of the prostate.

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Home test kits are really useful to help you manage aspects of your own health and well being, however, positive results from home test kits must be followed up with a visit to your GP.

Even if you test negative symptoms must always take priority over a test  test result – if you are feeling unwell, exhibiting symptoms, or you have any worries about any aspect of your health do make an appointment with your GP or Doctor.

When manufacturers instructions are followed carefully modern home test kits are as reliable as laboratory tests. They can be extremely useful in helping you to proactively manage your own health and well being often providing early warnings for potential health problems or enabling you to monitor the effectiveness of a therapy or health improvement strategy you may try. For example many people will take a cholesterol test, or a diabetes test at the start of a diet and then perhaps three months later test again to see if there is an improvement.



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Cholesterol test kit

Diabetes test kit

PSA test kit

Gluten intolerance test

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Cholesterol Test
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